Band Profile

First Transmission: 

United States, 1989. Electro-terrorist satellite placed in geo-synchronous orbit. Ttam Troll and MC2P4 assemble up-link for data transfer. Creation of Hypermedia Industrial Death follows. 

Hypermedia Industrial Death (Possible definitions): 

1) Exaggerated, excess of audio/ video personification manufacturing lack of existence  

2) Over excess video and large scale cessation 

Floating Fish Studios: 

The up-link that Ttam Troll and MC2P4 assembled. Mainframe for all experiments and where nightmares become reality. Atari is GOD here. 

Official website of Floating Fish Studios and Any Questions?. Used for propaganda purposes. Vehicle for attracting electro terrorists. 


Ttam Troll - First mutant to ascend from the plasma pool after the Cy-Tech Wars. Skilled in cybernetics and data manipulation. Exhibits an extreme appetite for blood and kills for his own pleasure. 

MC2P4 - The result of Ttam Troll's first cybernetic experiment. Created from flesh and circuitry of the last age. Completely autonomous with adaptive brain circuitry. Contains detailed ROM-based memory files on neutralizing matter. 

End Transmission