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1. You Have Nowhere To Go
2. Ice Rift
3. Procession



Produced, composed, engineered, performed, and mixed by Ttam Troll

Additional sampling by MC2P4

Recorded at Floating Fish Studios August 1992

This album has been produced on the Atari 1040STe using Steinberg/Jones Cubase 2.01 software

Copyright ©1992 Floating Fish Music

The Story:
"I guess you think of Darkness as an early version of Imbued Vagary," states MC2P4. "When Troll had a lot of time on his hands, he used to create all kinds of audio sculpture. These tracks were written with gear we had purchased together and were still learning how to use. This does not discount what Darkness was and still is. Darkness is a state of mind that will always have this mood to it as a project. My contributions to this initial project, in a quantifiable way, were limited to samples and certain inspiration, mainly, because Troll had spent such time and meticulous attention to detail that, by the time I got to them, they were already done!"