Any Questions?


1. Bones Bent
2. Lousy Human
3. Presto (You're Dead)
4. Stasis Interrupted
5. Or I Die
6. Even In Death
7. Dismembered
8. This Universe



Any Questions? is comprised of two members: Ttam Troll and MC2P4

This product was produced, composed, engineered, performed, and recorded by Any Questions? at Floating Fish Studios 01/92 to 09/95

Photo CD images photographed by Kelly Hoffman at Halloween Sacrifice '94 and manipulated by Ttam Troll 1996

This product has been produced on the Atari Falcon030 and Atari 1040STe using Steinberg Cubase Audio for Falcon and Cubase 2.01 software

This product is also fully compatible with the Atari Jaguar CD Virtual Light Machine software

Copyright ©1996 Floating Fish Music

The Story:
DEATH. The very word strikes fear into the heart of most human beings. Fear of DEATH is the very force that motivates and drives the human species. The world within this drive is the inner sanctum and playground of ANY QUESTIONS?. Grinding together the poisons of the periodic table, mankind has created the ultimate killing machine. The planet EARTH itself! Well, you are here now, so you might as well get used to it. The Plasti-toxins and slaughter-silicates we adore so much will be the death of us all. The electrical and power drains of the Ener-wars will cause the ultimate meltdown of the CHAGHARA reactor 6T. With the destruction of this entity, the stage will be set for the creation of the PLASMA UNBINDER. The insidious device that reduces all flesh, blood, cellulose and living products to their base molecules. ANY QUESTIONS? 
DEATH is the latest audio product from ANY QUESTIONS? An insidious trip into the skull with an acetylene torch which consists of 8 marrow burning tunes. Join us now as we take you into the land of ANY QUESTIONS? and prepare you for your ultimate demise.

BONES BENT. Imagine that you, as a member of the Ordinance team, have to walk in the wastes of the Iraqi desert. Your job is to locate, disarm, and recover explosive and infectious packages. You fear infection and dismemberment with each new stock pile you discover. Would you ever be able to sleep knowing that DEATH was so close at hand? Would your rotted mind drive you to hunt untainted human brains to repair your own diseased psyche? BONES BENT answers these questions and more.

LOUSY HUMAN is about the war humankind wages upon itself. After the detonation of the Plasma Unbinder and life begins to be reformed, Ttam Troll, the first to rise from the Plasma Pools, is forced to wander the wastelands alone. With the re-completion of MC2P4 and his return to on-line status, the ANY QUESTIONS? team is assembled. Their adventures in the Techno-moors take them through the slave trade areas where newly formed plasma creatures are shackled and herded behind confinement fields. These muto-creatures are better suited to live in the poisoned atmosphere and soon decide to revolt against their human oppressors. 
PRESTO (YOU'RE DEAD). PRESTO teaches the listener how to gain power in the face of fear. You'll learn to feast upon the bodies of your defeated foes and drain their lifeforce to quench your own insatiable appetite. So, what's a few children in the overall scheme of things? If you preach the end of the world, then you can just about justify anything. It's noble to think that only the warriors and warmongers die in's also quite stupid.

STASIS INTERRUPTED will carry you on a journey deep into the sample pit of terror from which there is little hope of escape. Your brain will be assaulted with a weaving pattern of organized confusion that will leave your sonic palette cleansed and ready for...

OR I DIE is a recount of an early battle in the CY-TEK wars. Ttam Troll was injured during one of the skirmishes between the CY-TEKS and the BROTHERHOOD of the FLESH. During close combat, a CY-TEK set off a neuro-gravitram (a device that paralyses everything in its field) and Ttam Troll had been caught in its epicenter. He was left helpless but alive while the battle for supremacy raged around him. Incredibly he survived, and OR I DIE is his story.

EVEN IN DEATH chronicles the transformation of the plasma creatures as they emerge from the plasma pools. From a mutating flesh mixture to a superior race, these terroristic creatures roam the scarred surface of the planet in search of food. The question is...will man's doomsday weapons be enough to stop them? 
DISMEMBERED. The bodies and left over plasma from the battleground will be the fertilizer for the new CY-TEK world. By spreading the growth hormone toxins in the food supply, the powers that be will succeed in the restructuring of the genetic matrix. Clenbuteroyl and other "useful" improvements will be added to the food supply for enhancement. The new homongenized gene structure will be hopeless in a world of viral soup that infects and reinfects itself to the point of total extinction! "Start the grinders, mince up men, prey for death all over again, wipe the plague eradicate all, dismembered one and all!"

THIS UNIVERSE. The ride into the world of ANY QUESTIONS? is not always easy, and THIS UNIVERSE leaves you with the power renewal to bring your flat line pulse back into a nice spike wave. It subtly floats you back into the living (for now) world , and deposits your charred but finely finished and blackened skull on the shores of reality. But why spend your life in reality, hit play again..."core meltdown slag released, puddles of flesh unanimated, eyes burn typhoid spreads, breathe the air and you get sick, defense measure guess which one, virus for death make me one..."

The Melodia

Any Questions? newest release "Death" is as chilling and violent as the title suggests. It's good to hear music that takes advantage of the great aggro possibility of pure electronics. Any Questions does not need raging guitars to achieve their heavy, heart-rending sound. Their music would be great for a cyber cafe on the seedy underbelly of some futuristic space colony. Any Questions? employs noisy churning effects without losing sight of the effectiveness of catchy hooks. "Death" is definitely a step forward for Any Questions?. They've a lot of depth and complexity to their music since the last release. However, they have not lost their skill for picking good samples and using them efficiently. I love the sample in "This Universe" where a demonic voice says "You're wrong, you need to be led, its a basic need."
- Jennifer Barnes

Base Asylum

Death is the self released debut album of PA based Any Questions?. As the title might suggest, Any Questions? has a focus on the morbid, and an extremely angry approach to it. Many of the tracks are percussion oriented, with buzzing synthesizers and sounds in the vein of older Belgian style of electro mixed with coldwave programming. The vocals are processed, not distorted, and fairly melodic, which surprisingly fits well with the often high BPM music. Highlights include "Even In Death," which features swirling background noises and drums in the fashion of Dreamscape-era Insekt, and "This Universe," with its bubbling synthesizer sounds and light percussion. Very different from most of what's out there today, I would like to hear more from Any Questions?.
- James Cooney

Dark Art

Lots of blipping, bleeping, gurgleing, splattering type Industrial sounds with grinding pumping beats and gravel throat growling vocals. The over all feel of the sound is anger. The lyrics seem to try to instill fear with futuristic, sci fi, chaos and destruction imagery. It lets up a little on "even in Death", delivering more of the above only tinted with a bit of a reflective mood. This release is alot better than some of the weaker Industrial stuff or any of the Death Metal Industrial crossover stuff that I have heard. They should have a theatrical stage show put on by Survival Research Labatories. Just a suggestion! Overall, very listenable!
- Unknown


Any Questions? do come out of the Skinny Puppy mold, with the Ogre-ish vocals, and the death and destruction lyrics and samples. Tho they have more of a spacey sound to the electronics. This two man project of MC2P4, and Ttam Troll, do have talent, but need a little more originality, and better production. Any Questions? are a promising sounding band, and do weigh better than many acts that have followed the Skinny Puppy era. With more originality, this could be a very promising act.
- Jim


Any Questions? is a duo from Pottstown, PA that pumps out elecro-industrial with some really rough edges. Death is an eight-track CD, and if the liner notes are to be believed, took the better part of four years to record. Five of these tracks can be dismissed outright as they are pure discombobulated amateur drivel. Fortunately, three tracks: "Lousy Human," "Presto (You're Dead)," and "Even In Death" are quite good and salvage this otherwise poor release. In fact, these three tracks are so infectious, I find myself reaching for this disc quite often. Sometimes less can be more, as I find it irritating that the other five tracks are even present - exposing how bad this band could be. I hope it doesn't take another four years for the next release as there is some great potential here. They also have one of the sleekest press kits I've ever seen.
- Shade


This album has been around for a while, but merits a review. Fast, aggressive, non-guitar, hard-driving Industrial songs, like a more electrified Psalm 69-era Ministry. Most noticeable about the band is the prominent role the drum machine plays. Stomping beats are a forefront kick in the face and combine well with screaming samples, whirling vocals and spacey keyboarding. Even In Death stands out as a most likeable, Skinny Puppy-influenced song, with an approachable chorus and catchy refrain, and I found myself skipping over many other tracks to get to this one with each play. The unfortunate side is the similarity between all the songs, the absolute unrelenting hammering noise which tears into your skull and the overly-played distortion. I had no idea you could get this much aggression out of a keyboard. For those into the more aggressive electro-metal side of the genre, this would be one worth looking into.
- kc