Any Questions?

Don't Ask

1. Sharing The Plasma Pool
2. Hardware
3. Carousel (Live)
4. Scrape The Pus (Live) 



Ttam Troll - Synthesizers, Sequencing, Sampling, Drum Programming, Effects, and Vocals
MC2P4 - Synthesizers, Sequencing, Sampling, and Vocals
LTJTHC - Electronic Drums on "Hardware" and Scrape The Pus (Live)"

Produced by: Any Questions?

Engineered and Mixed by: Ttam Troll

Recorded at Floating Fish Studios

All songs written and performed by Any Questions? except "Hardware" and "Scrape The Pus (Live)" written and performed by Any Questions? with LTJTHC

Copyright ©1991 Floating Fish Music

The Story:
The horrible and phantasmagoric. That's the best description that quickly comes to mind. ANY QUESTIONS? project, DON'T ASK, was born out of the foul slime of mankind's demise.

SHARING THE PLASMA POOL accurately describes the end of life as we know it in the world of the Plasma Unbinder. All man, cellulose, animal and insect are reduced to the primordial ooze before the rebirth of insane mutagen plasma monsters. All life is one sea of plasma. All thought is one. Rebirth from this ocean of matter is precarious indeed. So precarious that, Ttam Troll is the only pre-life to reform wholly from it! SHARING THE PLASMA POOL tears away the fleshy bits of the brain and dumps sonic formaldehyde into your grey matter!
HARDWARE exudes the confusion and desiccation of the human species in its race for extinction! All the lyrics from this selection were taken from the MILLIMETER FILMS movie HARDWARE (well all the lines but 2). The music for this tune came from sessions with T Harrell during the pre-war period of the Gulf War (1990-1991). It was MC2P4, who was so obsessed with the HARDWARE movie, that finally sat down with his VCR and a note pad to "coin" the lyrics. 

CAROUSEL lavishes in the birth and death cycle of all life (and death). The world is killing and being killed at the same time. As soon as one collective stops with subjugation, another starts to take its place. Such was the world in which Logan 5 lived (LOGANS RUN). CAROUSEL has the ever present menacing tones that draws the listener into a psychoterrorist mind frame of warping proportions. Its constant use of the LOGANS RUN samples combined with fat ESQ-1 sounds pound the listener into submission. 

SCRAPE THE PUS is a live selection originally conceived lyrically by Ttam Troll. The visions of scraping surgery overwhelm the listener. You'll travel into a world of masked, hidden surgery sickness that will have you retching for release. As Ttam Troll yields the almighty scraping tool, you will be mortified as he lays waste to the poisoned womb! The Troll, of course, will only unleash this carousel ride, into the dark spiral of murder and madness, after he force feeds the daemon offspring his Clenbuterol laced formulae! Then, and only then, Ttam Troll and MC2P4 will cut out the malignant tumor. They'll scrape the innards and lay waste to all the fertile geni-tissues to implant their own sickening muto-virus! 

The time bent begins...


This product has been chemically and time altered. When using any ANY QUESTIONS? product, one should always tread carefully due to their volatile nature. This product however is different. This music has been exposed to the very best, carefully selected, caustic chemicals. After this painstaking process, it has been time extracted through a 75 year period of technological exposure. The combination of these finishing processes adds a transparent veneer of destructive inhumanity. Do not be fooled, this is a literal mind altering experience. Great for use with everything, just realize that your mind is on it.

"Well, that's the story. As far as the test is concerned, you'll be okay?"

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