Any Questions?

Prey For Death

1. Get Inside (Live)
2. Minds Curl (Live)
3. Fuckin' Hippies
4. Dead Space
5. Until Death
6. Strafing Children
7. The Face
8. Limerick Lights (Radiation Mix)


Compact Disc (Limited Release)

Any Questions? is comprised of two members: Ttam Troll and MC2P4

This product was produced, composed, engineered, performed, and recorded by Any Questions? at Floating Fish Studios 09/91 to 11/92

Get Inside and Minds Curl were recorded live 01/29/92

Fuckin' Hippies, Dead Space, Until Death, Strafing Children, The Face, and Limerick Lights were edited and remixed by Ttam Troll 11/08/92

Cover art created by Yoichiro Kawaguchi: Ocean 1986 and manipulated by Ttam Troll 1992

This product has been produced on the Atari 1040STe using Steinberg/Jones Cubase 2.01 software

Copyright ©1992 Floating Fish Music

The Story:
"I've got a message for you, and you're not going to like it. Prey for death." These words, from the JOHN CARPENTER movie PRINCE OF DARKNESS, inspired the Prey for Death era of ANY QUESTIONS?. Recorded between 09/91-11/92, this release brought ANY QUESTIONS? international exposure and spawned a hypermedia live show which featured large screen video, bloodied baby parts, brain feasts, muto-viruses, and toxic death.

GET INSIDE. An especially delicious tune! As mankind's environ eats itself, due to the insatiable appetite of humanity, so will be the atrophy of mans collective knowledge. The only way to counteract these effects is to eat the brains (and thereby the minds) of others to replenish ones own.

MINDS CURL. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. However, many minds just waste away and worse yet is the atrophy of elderly minds. MINDS CURL is about the euthanasia of these incapable brains and a vision for a competent future. 

FUCKIN' HIPPIES. The lyrics for this song describe it best..."We don't like the way you dress. We don't like the way you think. We don't like the way you eat. To us, your genocide must be complete. Shut your eyes now and be scared. Shut your eyes now, we are here!" FUCKIN' HIPPIES goes right to the core of problem in the best way possible... the ANY QUESTIONS? way!

DEAD SPACE. "In space, no one can hear you scream." DEAD SPACE contradicts this perception with ANY QUESTIONS? interpretation of stellar fright. In the Sea of Tranquility, you'll be witness to horrors from above and have a chance to experience them yourself.

UNTIL DEATH. This song illustrates the commitment to the ANY QUESTIONS? life-style and philosophy. The full union of mind, physical body, and machine is the ultimate goal and, on the battlefield, Ttam Troll and MC2P4 test this interface in combat. The war has begun, and ANY QUESTIONS? rage on.

STRAFING CHILDREN. If you have to waste 'em, then you've got to do it big! Pull down your goggles, ease on to the joystick, and let your trigger finger fly. Tonight, we're STRAFING CHILDREN and tomorrow it may be you. 

THE FACE is an instrumental blowout that takes the listener on a tour of the human mind. Its elegant beauty quickly slides into a netherworld of blinding fear and destruction which leaves the mind weak with numbness. THE FACE prepares the listener into the mindset required for...

LIMERICK LIGHTS (RADIATION MIX). This studio version remix features the crazed extrasplosion noises from MC2P4 and the full-on audio effect wizardry of Ttam Troll. LIMERICK LIGHTS takes you into the fiery pit of the nuclear pile. ANY QUESTIONS? pull out the plutonium rods and bask you in waves of soothing radiant! 


This tape is #3 of a five part series including Don't Ask ('91), Darkness ('92), and the soon to be released Death. Ttam Troll and MC2P4 use Atari for everything, promote "Hyper-Media Industrial Death." (See issue #2 of their Floating Fish fanzine for a definition.) and have dabbled in video assaults with 20 Megaton Surface Burst, now in a re-edited version, and a Darkness video. Floating Fish is also the home to other bands ranging from grind-core-death-meatal (Witchery) to a "reading based band" called Konstrukshun. Any Questions? are into death, doom, flesh on fire, and horror. They've done shows in the PA area with local faves Punchdrunk, and they run a studio that caters to the electro-terrorist at heart. Creative contributors to the industrial culture so check 'em out.
- KT

Side-Line Elektrozine

Any Questions is an American duo, and I will confess that I was slightly afraid of hearing once again another one of these proliferating bands active over there in the States in what we use to call "the crossover" wave... And surprise, to my great pleasure, Any Questions, is one of the few remaining American acts still producing 100% electronics and nothing else! Their sound is rather cold and sometimes somewhat "space"; well worked out music in general, with unfortunately some bad rhythm selections (I think here of tracks like Get Inside or The Face). The A-side offers two great songs I think: Minds Curl and Fuckin' Hippies which reminded me of the Human period of Vomito Negro... While the B-side features some softer songs...
- Deranged Psyche

Infectious Substance

I enjoyed this tape, even if its not particularly new and original. What it may lack in originality is made up for by the bands enthusiasm in what they're doing. They do all their own production in their own Floating Fish Studios, and they seem to take themselves very seriously, maybe a bit too seriously at times. Some of the lyrics seem a bit too much, like they're trying too hard to be dark and menacing. Still, I found it to be a good listen, they've learned from the masters of the genre, and execute it well in their own compositions. You can hear a strong SKINNY PUPPY influence throughout, but the most obvious influence is in the track "Until Death", which is very reminiscent of early FRONT 242. Its a good song, certainly better than anything on that last embarrassing 242 album. My favorite track is "The Face", perhaps their most original piece on the tape, I hope this is the direction they take in the future. I think these guys have some potential, what they do, they do well. They just need to establish more of their own sound and focus on that.
- RW

Sonic Boom

I'm not sure what kind of drugs the band was on when it wrote this music, but I get the feeling it was a intense hallucinogen of the purest kind. The music weaves a tapestry of insanity, and gives the impression of a bizarre acid trip composed with very good programming and sound manipulation. The structure reminds me highly of the new Front 242 (Up Evil) in the way it maintains strong undertones without seeming to become redundant and abusive.

The way such tracks like _Fuckin' Hippies_ seem to bait the line, and hook the prey, as per the band name, while still intoxicating the aural center of the brain, is very impressive. A very jovial and inane experience, just perfect for your frivolous asylum listening amusement.
- Chris Christian